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Huadquina Agrarian Coffee Cooperative Ltd. No. 109, is a cooperative enterprise, dedicated to the collection and marketing of organic gourmet coffee; started its production and commercial activities by 26 April of the year of 1,964, the result of combined efforts of partners coffee farmers, who for 51 years have been working to support the Peruvian agriculture and particularly the district of Santa Teresa, with clear purpose social and service.

The company currently has an infrastructure for collecting coffee in cherry and two warehouses collection of parchment coffee, having a production capacity of 537,234.00 kg a year. It also has freight units for the collection of our products and the service of its partners. It has a staff of employees trained under the program of quality management of PromPeru.


Being the leading cooperative enterprise in the region, always offering quality products and international recognition obtained by the various distinctions of quality of our products, which go hand in hand with the application of good business practices and requirements of our customers..


We guide our actions to continuously improve our production and business processes, working closely with our producers to ensure the quality and sustainability of our products, seeking to create a satisfying experience with our customers.

Our commitment to our customers is mainly based on trust and our guarantee derived for high quality product. These special features of body, flavor, aroma and acidity have made the gourmet coffee Machu Picchu - Huadquina position to achieve great success in international markets, especially in England. Geographical factors on which it is grown, as well as planting and harvesting techniques that use their producers, have made the Café Machu Picchu - Huadquina; the coffee produced by agricultural cooperative Huadquina, receive the certificate of designation of origin as part of Indecopi "Cafe Machu Picchu - Huadquina". Thus conforming to the governing board of the designation of origin of coffee Huadquina Machu Picchu, which allow this type of coffee is identified and requested both at home and abroad.

Our commitment to partner is geared for farmers to purchase, production technology skills, ability to respond to the threat of low productivity and improve their knowledge of the rules of organic, sustainable production and fair trade, in addition to boosting the activity of growing coffee and other crops on the farm of farmers and their assistance in crop production meeting certification standards.

Agrarian Coffee Cooperative Huadquiña Ltda N° 109 - 2015