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About Us

Welcome to C.A.C. Huadquina Ltda. 109

Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Huadquiña, is a company dedicated to the collection and commercialization of Organic Gourmet Coffee.

The company started its productive and commercial activities in 1964, having an experience of 53 years, always providing quality products, this being their best support before their customers. At present it is located in the Huadquiña farm, Santa Teresa district, belonging to the province of La Convención, department of Cusco.

The company currently has an infrastructure for cherry coffee storage and two parchment coffee storage warehouses, with a production capacity of 537,234.00 kg per year. It also has cargo transport units for the collection of our products and the service of its partners. It has a staff of collaborators trained under the quality management program of Promperu.

Our Mission

It is the leading cooperative company in the region, always offering quality products of international recognition, obtained thanks to the different distinctions of quality of our products, which go hand in hand with the application of good commercial practices and demands of our customers.

Our Vision

We guide our actions to the continuous improvement of our productive and commercial processes, working hand in hand with our producers to guarantee the quality and sustainability of our products, seeking to generate a satisfactory experience with our clients.

Commitment with Partners

It is focused so that farmers acquire, productive technological skills, capacities to respond to the threat of low productivity and improve their knowledge of organic, sustainable and fair trade production standards, in addition to stimulating the activity of coffee cultivation and other crops on the farmers' farm and their participation in the production of crops complying with certification standards.


Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Huadquina Ltda. No. 109 integrates 300 families of which the following count as head of a family to 67 Women and 233 Men.


The storage system of La C.A.C. HUADQUIÑA, is by committees and zones and taking into account the quality; For this purpose it has two warehouses: Huadquiña (Santa Teresa) and Santa María (Maranura).